Our stock swatches are pre-made swatches that can be hue shifted to match the color of your product; most products will fit the texture of one of our own carefully crafted swatches. A common practice amongst major retailers, they provide a quick and affordable way to beautiful swatches. 

Stock swatches are ideal for smaller brands looking for an economical alternative as well as large brands looking to display a substantial volume or color rather than exact texture.

Video Tutorial

Below we have a short video tutorial that will walk you through ordering our stock swatches.

How Do I Order Stock Swatches?

Step 1: Review Your Options
To start, download our stock swatch gallery here. (You can also access this through the "learn more" link under beauty on our place order page)

Select your desired swatch or swatches from our stock swatch library; note the identifying number beneath each option.

Step 2: Place Your Order Online

When placing your order, you will select the Beauty category and the "Stock Swatch" option beneath that. Each swatch counts as a separate photo at the standard price. Just add the total number of swatch photos needed to your cart as individual product photos.

Step 3: Provide Shot Direction & Reference Smear Gallery 

When sending in your shot direction, reference the identifying stock number. 

Step 4:  Send Us The Actual Product To Match
We'll send you a next steps email after you place your order.  Next, send us your physical product; we will color match the stock smear to your product. We want to actually see your product so that it's easier for us to match the tone exactly in real life under our color controlled environment.  

A beautiful color-matched swatch is now yours at the standard price; it is that easy!

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