What Is A Swatch?

Product swatches or smears are shots of the actual product itself. This is most common with beauty products like lotions, serums, or creams. 

How To Order Swatch Photos?

Ordering product swatches is easy! Each swatch counts as a separate photo. You would just add the total number of swatch to your cart as individual product photos.

For example, if you have two products that you need standard shots of plus swatches of each, your order would be for four individual product photos.

Then when you send shot directions, just let us know you'll need swatches!

Art Direction For Swatches

We've shot lots of swatches over the years and we're experienced at creating beautiful product swatches/smears. All you need to do is let us know that you need swatches and we'll create them.

Keep in mind that different products will smear differently. For example, creams and lotions are thicker than serums and toners. Creating the swatches involves some degree of chance and serendipity, and if you're open to that you'll have a great experience with us.

Since we are a remote service, you won't be able to be on set with us to art direct the shoot. If you need to be very specific with how your swatches look, a traditional photographer may be a better fit so you can provide feedback in real time during the shoot.

Swatches We've Shot

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