Format To 400px Square

Imagine a dog tag - a custom listing will allow you to add your own custom text and information before processing the order.

As of late 2018, the image for the custom page needs to be formatted specifically to 400 px square. This is unlike regular seller central, where you can upload just about any image smaller than 10mb and it will be resized and converted automatically.  

This tip comes from customer information since we don’t have access to this part of seller central. So if you find this to be inaccurate please let us know.

Error message if you try to upload something larger

Below is the error text:

"To ensure proper alignment of your option images over your preview image, both are required to be 400x400 pixels. If you don't have the ability to create these assets, another option is to highlight choices on a "form" that you've uploaded as your preview image."

If you've received this error message, the solution is simple: resize your image to 400px square before you upload it for this listing slot.

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