Every image you upload to Amazon must meet these basic requirements or the software will not accept it. Below we've listed the technical requirements for both main and primary listing images. Main images have more restrictions than secondary images.

Technical Requirements For All Images

  • Minimum Image Dimension 500px on it’s longest side
  • Maximum Image Dimension 10,000px on it’s longest side.
  • Image zoom starts at 1000px on its longest side & 500px on the shortest.
  • Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is preferred.
  • Color space: sRGB
  • The max file size you can upload is 10mb
  • The best ratio or crop is a 1:1 square image but can be up to 5:1 rectangle

The Best Settings To Meet Amazon's Image Requirements

  • 2000px by 2000px Square image. This is the max zoom.
  • Cropped tight to the product to use the most space in the listing.
  • Save it as a Jpeg with a 100% compression, Amazon will compress it again on upload.
  • Save it as SRGB color space, if given the option. This is usually the default.

The requirements are fairly broad, but in our experience the above settings are the ideal for formatting your product images for Amazon & meet the file requirements.

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